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Meet Steve O’Conner

Steve O’Connor was born and raised in Liverpool, England, a cultural, charismatic city with a rich and famed musical heritage.

Steve has travelled extensively in his life, which has helped him to learn to understand and appreciate the diverse cultures and traditions of the world.

It wasn’t until he moved to the highlands of Scotland, however, that his natural gift for song-writing began to manifest itself. It was there that he found the inspiration, both visual and spiritual, to teach himself to play guitar and subsequently write his own music and lyrics.

After several fruitful and memorable years in Scotland, he returned to Liverpool where he continued to nurture his talent for song writing. His words and melodies captivate and enchant, while his warm and genial manner coupled with his native Liverpool wit engage his audiences in performance.

He has learned his craft well, and though Steve takes his musical influences from far and wide, he remains as a singer-songwriter contemporary in his own style.


Nouveau single house produit par Stefano Ardi pour le label BAXXLINE. Il a créé une chanson à fort impact caractérisée par un groove de style années 90 et un piano house classique qui dessine l’ensemble de l’arrangement et encadre une partie vocale fraîche et accrocheuse.

Maison de disques italienne fondée en 2017 par LaeraTeam et dirigée par Robbie J. Sa chanson la plus connue est Urban Strings de Rod Koppar & Stefano Ardi, est entrée dans le top house du classement de Traxsource et actuellement en rotation radio en Bulgarie, Royaume‐Uni, France, Sud Afrique, Portugal, Espagne, Italie, Kighizistan, Grèce, Autriche et Costa Rica.

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Hot Time – Single – Stefano Ardi (smarturl.it)

New house single produced by Stefano Ardi for the BAXXLINE label. He has created a strong impact song characterized by an edgy 90’s style groove and a classic house piano that draws the whole arrangement and frames a fresh and catchy vocal part.

Italian house oriented record label founded in 2017 by LaeraTeam and directed by Robbie J. His best know song is Urban Strings by Rod Koppar & Stefano Ardi, entered the top house chart of Traxsource and currently in radio rotation in Bulgaria, UK , France, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Kighizistan, Greece, Austria and Costa Rica.

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Hot Time – Single – Stefano Ardi (smarturl.it)

Meet Christian Collins

Christian Collins is a Canadian singer/songwriter, actor and social media
influencer. He is also a producer, director and entrepreneur. His relevant
take on teen life is captured through his dynamic personality across multimedia platforms. His inspiring and encouraging message delivered through humor and lightheartedness has resonated with teen and young adults world-wide.

Christian began posting online videos in 2010 and today has amassed an
aggregate audience of 15+ million across YouTube, Vine, Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram and Snap Chat (his social media videos alone have been viewed
nearly 2 billion times.)

Born in Calgary, Canada, nineteen year old Christian hails from a musical
family – Christian’s passion for music is shared with his three (3) siblings, Kirsten,
Crawford and Karisma.

He began posting cover songs some reaching up to 7 million + views.
Some of his more recent You Tube covers are – Chains by Nick Jonas, See
You Again by Charlie Puth and Like I’m Going to Lose You by Megan Trainor .

Following his passion for music – Christian is slated to release his debut EP of
seven (7) original songs in 2016. He has identified his own unique sound and
style that reflects who he is and what he represents across all his content.

Christian has a passion in supporting important causes that bring hope and
encouragement to the world. He was selected along with his brother and
3 other social media influencers to represent the social media community
as first time UN Youth Ambassadors for Peace in celebration of International
Peace Day


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Leonardo Badaducci Artist/Singer

Genre: Pop
Label: WHOUWIT Entertainment, LLC
Release Date: 25 June 2021

No Matter What is the lead single from my upcoming album, For Your Consideration, releasing 25 June 2021. Leonardo Badaducci has been known to use up-temp beats, but the lyrics were dark and sad. With this song, he wanted to showcase that he could write a happy love song. Stated in a promotional interview about the song, “When I wrote this song [No Matter What], it came from a happy place. A place with love. All over 2020, I saw tons of people who were battling with finding true love finding it. I know that people won’t always understand a relationship and they are hard but no matter what, we’re going to make it to the end.”

Leonardo Badaducci, birthname Le’Patrick E. Currie, is an American singer-songwriter from Saint Pauls, North Carolina. Recognized for an unconventional musical style, Badaducci mixes pop, contemporary R&B, electropop, and hip-hop beats with meaningful, heartful lyrics. The low seductive, simplistic tone has earned him comparisons to Toni Braxton and Sam Smtih. He often credits Mariah Carey, NeYo, and Diane Warren for his passion in writing his own music. Badaducci once stated, “Early in my career all I knew was I wanted to write music: music that heals, music that helps.” Throughout the years, Badaduci revealed he has written from personal experience, friends’ stories, and simply from the ability of know how his fan(ily) feels. Throughout Badaducci’s music, you will find pain, love, lust, and mixed emotions you never knew you had. With the mantra, “If only one person is touched by a song, then I have accomplished my job as an artist”