Thank you for surfing into my Business in Spotlight page. This is a page I developed back in 2014 when I had the TGN Radio station going between 2014 to 2017. I started to do interview/business spotlights, would then give the business some marketing and promotions here on the Internet/WWW. Since, the station went off line in 2017, I kept the promo snippets to reupload to the TGN Radio station new website.

Now-to-date, Some of the video snippets you will watch on this page are legacy and the business has either shut the doors or changed hands. Now, they are for purposes to rekindle new business here in 2021, to encourage business owners to put his/her business into the Business in Spotlight and these are now snippet samples of what I can do with your business.

Interested folks, have asked me, since TGN Radio Broadcasting is a Global radio station with no boundaries, can marketing and promotions work with my business. My answer is, absolutely, however, to be more effective you need to have an online presence/webpage/splash-page ETC.

The way GOOGLE and all the search engines work, the more your online presence is exposed, with pics, videos and content, the search engines will give it more “love” so-to speak. However, needs to be changing content, cannot be duplicated content. If search engines spider/index webpages with a lot of duplicated content, can be red-flagged as spam, search engines will drop the website in the search results, sites will loose authority.

Pictures and videos are different, fresh content going up all the time, besides since the 90’s to the present, content has migrated over to more pictures and videos.

Once again the video links below are samples of what TGN Radio has developed in the past and can do with your business in the future. TGN works with business exposer and marketing.